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For the Love of Purpose Book Cover

Take these 7 powerful steps to achieve your purpose

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For the Love of Purpose Book Cover

Achieving your purpose is the most rewarding thing that can happen to you and it is not rocket science. You can achieve whatever ethical purpose you define for yourself. All you need is to follow a set of defined steps. I have taken the liberty of defining the results-guaranteed steps in this book for you. For everything under the sun, there is a set of principles that needs to be followed to get the right results. The reason so many people fail is because they bypass the essential steps for success they need to take, thinking they will get successful results quicker. Or they simply do not know how.

The truth is that you cannot achieve real success by taking shortcuts or uncalculated chances thinking you will win. Your life is not a jackpot. Do not gamble with it. I have solved the problem of how you can achieve your purpose in this book. All you need to do is, read it, do the exercises and take the right actions. If you follow the principles defined in this book, you will achieve your purpose.

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Your Trusted

Roadmap to Success

I am extremely passionate about helping you achieve your purpose, that is why I have simplified the process for more people to create amazing success. It has never been put together like this before. The seven steps I cover in this book are powerful strategies for getting sure results. You get the best value from taking the actions inside.

I show you:

  • Achieving your purpose is not a fantasy
  • How to clearly define your purpose now
  • The 5 Pillars of Purpose
  • How to create your Roadmap using Goals
  • The Importance and value of data
  • How to use failure to create rewards
  • That everything is figure-out-able
  • The correct Money Mindset to have
  • How learning purposefully delivers better results
  • The power of aligning with Universal Purpose

Important Features:

  • Read on any device as an eBook now
  • Print version available on Amazon for you to flick through and make notes in
  • Audiobook coming soon so you can listen on your headphones or in your car
  • Includes my strategies on how to successfully reaching your purpose
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What are

People Saying

"An increibly powerful strategy that actually works"

This is no small book. 'For The Love Of Purpose' is a compact manual. Chizubel has crafted a precision tool to fine tune the navigation capabilities of the human brain and unleash the engine power of the human heart. This worthy read will put you at the wheel again!!! Download your copy. Complete the exercises. Upload your answers, up skill your habits and upgrade your life experience!

Julian Daley, Founder of The Human Endeavour Research Organisation

"The sure and effective path to achieving your purpose"

In his book, 'For The Love of Purpose', Chizubel Egwudo has broken new ground in the world of business books. He has focused on a whole life outlook which de-risks entrepreneurial endeavour across the board. Too often those attempting to build a business look solely at the project and not how their personal plans are likely to impact on their professional growth strategy. Chizubel lays it on the line. Reading this book could save you much time, heartache and money.

Linda Duberley, Award Winning Journalist - ITV, Fox News, CNBC Asia and Sky News

"Practical and effective"

Napoleon Hill called it "definite purpose", Viktor Frankl concluded that people without purpose have short unhealthy lives. Chizubel, another great, shares a 7-step plan to define and implement yours. How to create and do, on purpose! My advice? Buy it. Better still, act upon it.

Garry Jones, Transformational Coach, Authour – Garry Jones Coaching