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I am often referred to as The Risk Champ by my peers because of my diverse experience in managing risk for businesses and the charisma I exude when training people in risk. With my risk-based approach to business, backed by a 20-year solid risk strategist background in consulting, banking and finance, IT, healthcare, I have helped some of the top global companies prevent common problems and better still, turned their opportunities into rewards.

Fusing the power of risk into my entrepreneurial ventures, I have created a unique system that is helping clients get the results they desire. I am the Author of the book, ‘For The Love of Purpose’, Founder and Chief Purpose Officer of two companies, The Risk of You and School of Risk.

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Recovery from failure or crisis, growth planning and execution, rewards strategy are some the major deliverables you get from working with me as your consultant. My consulting strategy is designed to work seamlessly with your goals in mind to ensure I deliver the most valuable outcome across various business levels and needs. I take the time to understand my client’s purpose using a unique discovery analysis approach I developed called Velocity X.

Then with an outside-in view and client-led perspective, I bring together the essential elements and capabilities required to successfully deliver any transformation project. My approach is agile, deeply collaborative and accelerated. Some businesses like Deutsche Bank, Lloyds Banking, BT and SME’s in Property and Events Planning have benefitted from my consulting expertise.

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Whether One-on-One or in Group Setting, what you get from working with me as your coach is empathy and a knack for understanding your pains and frustrations whilst keeping you accountable. I patiently take the time to hear you out so that I can use the information you provide to create a unique process to help solve the problem you are facing.

Using the combination of my expertise and some research, you get the following benefits: I declutter your mind, help you prevent costly mistakes, you achieve your purpose in lesser time, have goals that are aligned with your purpose, uncover unexpected areas of innovation, eliminate the fear and uncertainty of failure, and create synergy between you and your business.

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As an avid inspirer of people, I mostly shares my experience of hard work, rise from failure and never giving up, to motivate my audience. My passion for risk goes beyond working for big corporate businesses to everyday people. I communicate not just my passion for risk taking but how valuable it is for you to ‘Take Risk and Grow Rich,’ as I like to say. I am empowering and yet personable.

In 2018, I launched The Risk of You networking conference where I deliver talks and bring on stage guest speakers. My audience, whether live in person, virtual or podcast listeners, are positively impacted and are led to take action as they listen to my stories of success, family and life.

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